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after-manual-sync-hook not triggered by manual sync

 Hi there!  I have set after-manual-sync-hook to a function that doesn't seem to be getting called:

  (set! after-manual-sync-hook
    (lambda ()
      (alert "Running hook" "ok")
      (log-debug "Sync complete.  Opening Working Copy.")))


Having set this hook in, I don't see any alert or log entry when pressing the sync button on any of the tabs.

FYI, evaluating this expression in the REPL works and runs the expected actions:



Has this functionality been removed, or renamed?

This hasn't been removed, but I'll need to investigate whether any recent changes have stopped this working.

I have found an issue where this hook was not being run. I've fixed this in the beorg code, and the fix will be in the next update will hopefully be early September.

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Great, thanks so much for investigating!

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