+ If you've enabled subfolders you can now turn off the notes tab by settings show-notes-tab to #f
+ When creating a new note (if you have the notes tab enabled) the title will now automatically be focused, and when you tap Done on the keyboard the notes editor will automatically be shown
+ Dates with a repeat and an end date will now use the end date as a termination of the repeat
+ You can delete items directly from the Agenda/Tasks tab without needing to use the bulk edit
+ The top right menu button on the Agenda and Tasks tab now shows last sync date and time
+ beorg will now keep a draft of edits made in the item editor. If these are not saved or cancelled and beorg is killed the item will be automatically shown when you relaunch beorg so you can continue working on it without losing anything to entered.
+ If you try and save the item editor when a sync is still in progress you will be told to wait until the sync is completed.
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