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Scheme Search that allows grouping and/or sorting?


Well that was not the text I had entered… I am hoping to get some input on using scheme search in the TODO tab. I can use a single composition like this: (and (string=? (item-state item) "PROJECT") (not (member "Active" (item-tags item)))) to successfully filter. That will display the list grouped by file and sorted by location in the file by default. I’d like to be able to reproduce functionality like the group and sort flags from the simple search in order to better display the results of these more complex searches. Is that possible? Do I just need to dig further into scheme-fu? Any feedback appreciated.

This isn't currently possible. I'm currently working on introducing the use of an intermediate database which will be created from synced files, primarily so that beorg can move to supporting thousands of files (for example if used with Org Roam) without being too slow to be usable. As part of this will be a rewrite of how search queries work as they'll be translated into database queries. I'll bear in mind this post when looking at this to see if I can enhance what is possible using Scheme queries in terms of sorting and grouping.

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Ok thank you Matthew. For now I can just make multiple separate saved searches to accomplish most of it. I am re-engaged in getting a complete GTD workflow setup solely on Beorg. Current approach is a monolithic inbox file that I parse into the various lists/contexts via action state and tags. I’ll put a write up together soon.
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