This update fixes a problem which affected Dropbox sync where there were more than ~100 items in the Dropbox org folder. If you continue to experience any Dropbox sync issues after installing this update please let me know.

Also in this update is the introduction of new + buttons on the Agenda and Tasks tabs. These allow you to more quickly add tasks to specific days/files.

Hey Mathew,
thank you for fixing that issue. The timer still is not working in a good with iphone and dropbox as sync mode. The timer vanishes sometimes after some time and as i have stated in the ticket #33220 after some time the timer can only be stopped after restarting the app.

The timer is for me an essential feature for. Could you please fix this or give me the code so i can fix it myself? If you need any support in this, i will support you, as best as i can.

Hi David.

My apologies for not replying to the ticket you raised with the video I asked for sooner. The support desk software I use could be better and seemed not to update the last modified time of tickets when public notes are added. The main reason I keep with this particular solution is because of a much lower and more feasible cost for the forum feature than its rivals. ☹️

- Does the issue with the timer button being unresponsive still happen if you don't have text in the search bar? My hypothesis looking at your video is that the search is being run more often that it should and the part which refreshes the results is somehow locking the UI.

- In the same vein does the issue occur on both the Tasks and Agenda tab?

- After reproducing the issue see if you can send me the beorg debug log (and note the time you reproduced the issue). See https://beorg.app/support/debug/ for how to get the debug log.

Hey matthew, i updated my ticket. If you need to need me to reproduce that issue under different circumstances with other logs, i am more than happy to help in that case.

Greetings david

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