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What does SYNC = NONE mean?

Can you explain what it means when the sync method is set to None in beorg?  Where do you get the Org files from then?  Or do you?  What's the workflow?

beorg stores its org files locally within its sandbox regardless of the sync method being used. For example if I have a file called then I can see that file exists within the sandbox at:

$ find . -name



Here 9AAD68D8-6F2E-4048-827B-1E5AE6F06086 is an identifier for an iOS Simulator, 0A01039A-0CF5-4539-85FD-347380FD0A77 is an identifier for beorg and 89B39A0E-3BCF-436B-8B7D-F378AEEC2FC3 for a shared app group in which beorg and it's extensions (e.g. the Apple Watch extension, the share extension) have access.

There are two copies here as in Documents is stored upto 7 days of backups of so that you can revert to an earlier version.

When sync is set to iCloud, Dropbox, etc then the files are synced with the remote. When sync is set to none then the files only exist as detailed above.

I'm not an iOS developer, so I'm still not sure where the "sandbox" is.  Is it in the iCloud Drive or hidden inside the iOS device itself (ie. the normal user would not see it)?  BTW, I'm working off an iPhone.

As noted in an "Issue" I created, I see an iCloud/beorg directory created when 'iCloud' is the sync method.  Is that correct?  Is that directory a place where beorg copies things or does it expect that I put stuff there (say via Working Copy)?  Please see my issue concerning Git.

Each app on an iPhone or iPad has their own sandbox. This is a private area which other apps can't access. They help make iOS secure by stopping a malicious app infecting an other app with a virus or wiping data. The sandbox is separate from the apps area in iCloud. beorg writes files to its sandbox and then depending on the sync method will copy files to/from the remote source (iCloud, Dropbox, etc).

So when you select the iCloud sync method beorg will automatically create a directory in iCloud called beorg - actually in fact this is handled by iOS as apps don't have the ability to create directories of their choosing anywhere except where iOS lets them. So beorg will copy files there - but you can also access it from other apps such as Working Copy or iA Writer.

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