beorg 3.5.0

In this first release of 2020 beorg introduces bulk editing of items on your

agenda and TODO lists. Simply hold down two fingers on an item and drag down to

start selecting, or tap the top right button and choose Select Items. You can

then bulk change state, priority, tags and dates. Great for sorting out your New Year tasks!

Also in this release:

+ Fix for Reminders not always showing the latest updates

+ Fix for not being able to specify a template in an x-callback-url if the quick

  capture file has been left empty

+ Repeating dates of the form .+1n which include a time are now handled correctly

+ Additional logging of WebDAV requests to help you better resolve connection problems

+ A rewrite of some of the iCloud sync code

+ New Scheme variable org-repeat-update-show-banner to control whether banners

  are shown when repeating items are updated

+ Easier access to the beorg log - look for "Show Log" on the Settings tab

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