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Sync beorg config via iCloud

Title says it all: it would be great if my to-do keywords etc were kept in sync across beorg on my iPad, iPhone, etc.

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I shall look at this for a future release. Do any users reading this have any reason why they would want separate configuration on different devices? (e.g. use iPad for work and have a different set to TODO keywords)

I think syncing config files via iCloud is a good idea.  Is there a way from scheme to access the device name ("Bill's iphone" or "old ipad mini") or some other identifier so that if people wished (though I can't think of why), they could use their scheme code to make settings (as you suggest) that for whatever reason depend on which iOS device is in use?

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Maybe an equivalent to Emacs's custom-set-variables would work for beorg. An would be managed by beorg and then read before a users so that variables could be overridden programatically if required. Scheme access to the device name and model could be provided to allow overriding these on a per device basis.

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