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Image support

I’ve been gradually using org mode for more and more of my notes. On my computer I have an images folder inside my work folder that I link images to. It would be great if beorg could also sync this images folder and show the images that are linked.

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Another use case I’d have is to transfer emotional content between my states of being via photos. Eg I might have a todo item to book a handyman to fix something, but that thing to fix only bothers me outside of working hours and during the day I never do the booking bc at the time I’m convinced that the situation is not that bad. :/

Any status on image support in BeOrg?

There hasn't been any developments on this yet, however now that September has started I will be thinking about the next big feature for beorg and will review this against other suggestions/items from the list.

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I'm looking forward to this feature! Since I got inline image mode in Emacs, I've never looked back.

Hi Mathew,

I also support this idea. I am not a programmer so this might be stupid. However, when I played with beorg I was able to get html content from the internet into the task note so that the images would show up. However I was not able to do the same trick for my iPad images. Maybe there is a way to import local images in the similar to internet manner.

Sorry for probably stupid comment.


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