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Image support

I’ve been gradually using org mode for more and more of my notes. On my computer I have an images folder inside my work folder that I link images to. It would be great if beorg could also sync this images folder and show the images that are linked.

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Thanks for adding this to the forum. Lets see how many other users would like to see this added to beorg.

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I like the idea. To specify my use: I’d like to be able to save images (camera) from my phone into whatever system is setup to support images and have the images linked into an item. I tend to take hand written notes and then often want to store them along with my digitally typed notes for reference. Currently use iOS Notes app for this but would love it to come into the org mode tent.

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I also like the idea. Would be nice to attach scanned documents such as bills , receipts,  reports, papers ... to tasks and notes.

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Being able to add photos would be great - notes, bills, ideas, part completed and completed projects. Ideally, at least for me, would be the ability to insert a markdown or html link to a photo website. The org files would then remain small and the photo could be inserted when the file or item is exported as a PDF.

And screenshots too.

Definitely rooting for this addition! Being able to add images via the Camera API or Photo Library would be huge. And definitely in addition to rendering inline images.

Great to see some more comments on this topic. I have started some high level thinking about how I could do this via support for attachments, by syncing the .attach directory. However no ETA on starting implementation of this yet.

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