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Alarm/bell with notication for task with timestamps

 The functionality would consist in being able to set up an alarm when specifying a time in a task. In this way, a task that is due or scheduled would ring the alarm in addition to the normal notification of the task.

This could work in a similar way as the classic alarm of the Iphone for example.

I like this Idea very much, I would also like the possibility to repeat the alarm every x minutes, until the notification is deleted

A related option that I'd like is the ability to suppress the sound/vibration for some timestamped tasks, e.g. using a property or a tag.  I have some items that I like to see on the agenda for the day but don't want to be notified about; but for others I do want to be notified.

Thanks Matthew for your interest in this feature!

Yes, this would be to help noticing important tasks. Currently the notifications only consist in text notifications/banners on my lock screen, which are easily unnoticed or drowned in the flow of other apps' notifications.

The way I see it, the sound or vibration of the alarm should be persistent, as opposed to the current  short sound/vibration that comes with the notification. It should be something that says "Hey I am here" until I effectively decide to switch it off (just like an alarm to wake up).

This would enormously help me notice certain tasks that I want to make at certain times.

Thanks for the feature request. Is your idea to help you be more prominently notified of certain tasks? I wonder whether the ability to select a particular sound (which could be up to 30 seconds in length) when you set a scheduled/deadline/show on date would work for this? Not something currently planned but I imagine could be quite useful so you don't ignore certain tasks.

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