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Agenda as publish internet calendar (ics)

# Description

it would be great to publish the calendar items (which come from beorg) into a publich internet calendar via a public "ics" file (optional in addition html).

# Use case

(1) share my agenda with my wife (which I currently do for my outlook calendar) - note that title and content of "private" meetings are not shared (some things are confidential)

(2) share the agenda into the iOS calendar app, by subscribing to the beorg shared calendar

# I would like to use both use cases (1), (2).

And I think it would make it even more useful as you can now interact with other apps which can read "ics" files and become more open.

# Implementation

The ics/html file needs to be published in the internet, i.e., someone needs to host the file.

I think (besides using a hosting service) is just to store the file besides the org files somewhere.

One can easily pick up that file and put it at the right place (E.g.: via working copy into git and you configure your webserver to reference git).

Thanks & I am interested in your feedback,


PS. Maybe there is a different way of covering the uses cases (1) and (2)? But having a public shared calendar would be cool anyhow :)

I'm currently working on support for folders, this may allow you then to setup a solution where you only share a single folder with your wife.

As you say the solution would be a server side cloud service. Potentially written as a plugin for Nextcloud so that people could self-host as well so they keep control of their own data rather than give it up to a single third party service. I would note however that currently I've got no plans currently to do this, although it would be a cool project. A holy grail for me would be to offer beorg cloud syncing based on something like Nextcloud (in addition to Dropbox, iCloud etc) but with that sync solution available for people to self host.

Good idea with the search - I guess the idea is then to use the result of the search in another app (or use some scripting) in order to process it further.

=> I will think how I can do the "process it further" step.

Also totally agree that collaboration/sharing is a key point and would be a killer feature for beorg.

At the moment I use other cloud apps to collaborate on common lists with my wife.

In beorg I sync icloud files into a git repository (using App Working Copy) - the problem with this sync process is for rather advanced users, also in principle it could be used for sharing (I think my wife would not like to do regular commits and resolve conflicts).

Also the git repository contains everything - but I would only selectivley like to share some lists/projects with other users.

So not obvious to me how to do the collaboration with org mode and git syncing in easy fashion and  non-advanced users.

Maybe some server side ("cloud") service would be required?

Potentially you could create a Shortcut to text/email/... your agenda (or at least a version of it, what is coming up in the next few days) using the following URL scheme

I would be interested to see if any other users have a similar use case to yours. A disadvantage for some users of an app such as beorg is the lack of collaboration/sharing facilities that you get where you are using a cloud based service from apps such as Microsoft Todo. It would be interesting to consider if there is a solution to bridge the two worlds without losing control over your own data which beorg gives you.

See here some discussion on generic org-mode to ics calendar:

I guess this is possible to do everything on server side once you synced the org files, but it feels pretty inconvinient.

I just want to add that I found some discussion for org-mode in general:

So there is an export method from org-mode which is possible to use.

So I guess an alternative is to run this somewhere on a server with your custom scripts once you synced the beorg files onto a server, but this sounds all a bit inconvenient.

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