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Org-roam support

Recently, I came across with org-roam, which is a rudimentary implementation of Roam Research. Given the increasing popularity of Roam Research, could you consider supporting org-roam on beorg? 

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Thanks for pointing me at this. I have read a little about Roam and org-roam, something I need to investigate further.

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It would be a huge first step for this if we could browse and search (at least by filename) in subfolders.

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I am now very close to start looking at subfolders - especially now since my children have gone back to school and I've got a bit more time in the working day! I have also just started looking at Org roam and using it myself so I can get a good feel for how it works. A number of years ago I had another iOS app which was a personal wiki (which included backlink support and would probably be quite useful for Zettelkasten) and this might be a good time to look at resurrecting some of its features as additions to beorg.

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That would be fantastic, Matthew!

The momentum around org-roam is very impressive, I believe it's the one brick that was missing to unleash org-mode's potential in all kinds of workflows.

And mobile is the one missing brick to unleash org-roam's full potential :)

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That was also a great app! Beorg can greatly benefit from many features of it! Browsing history, dynamic page update on open, listing parent and children items (pages), common footer and header that can manipulate  page metadata, metadata including last modified (or accessed ) date ....ll  and many many more! I would be willing  to pay more for each of these features, I hope other customers would do the same....

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That would be fantastic, but roam extension isn't very matured yet. But would be really cool to transform beorg to notes taking app ( and following roam research / zettelkasten ideas). I would happily pay for this a top price.

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Came here to post this, and just to say, org-roam is up to (a breaking) v2 now – but rather than complicate matters it seems like this move tightens the core, hopefully making a possible future implementation in beorg easier.

I would also happily pay for this feature, as I already do for beorg's other extensions :)

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I would happily pay for the feature also. Following links and capturing in org-roam style would be great!

I am getting into using org-roam as well and would be happily paying for that feature. I have those files in a sub-folder of my org-folder which I sync with git through Working Copy.

I have finally started work on support for subfolders in Dropbox. Once I have this support in place for the different sync methods then I plan on giving this some further thought. I've also started getting into Org roam recently and would like to see this in beorg as well.

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