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Setting files fitler


As far as i understand i can configure `agenda-exclude-files` and `todo-exclude-files` via ``. Locally i have a bunch of org files starting with `_` that i don't want to see in my agenda buffer, is there any way i can do the same with Scheme? Either via regexp or get the list of files and ignore those that start with `_`? In Emacs i use the following:

        org-agenda-files (f-files "~/Sandbox/org"

                                  (lambda (path)

                                    (and (f-ext? path "org")

                                         (not (s-starts-with-p "_" (f-filename path))))))

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Not currently. I'll need to introduce a Scheme function similar to f-files to allow you to query based on the synced org files (or as you suggest allow for a regex). I will consider something similar to this in a future update.

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