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Search function on Files

Ever since I have been using Org and BeOrg, the amount of .org files has been increasing and now I need to scroll up and down to find the file I want on the app. It would be great if there is a search function that finds the file I want faster.

Thanks in advance, and as always keep up the good work! :)


Completely unrelated, I found a bug in the file tab. I report it in a new issue.

This is now in the live App Store version.

Since I use the deft strategy for taking rapidly notes, I definitely "need" this feature... me and my 100 files...

Very good app by the way! Keep the great work!

I got around 30 files and you certainly exceeds mine haha

Looking forward to it, mate ;-)

This is on my list of future features to implement. I personally also want this feature - I've got 54 files (although I think some need culling!)

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