Trunk Notes can export your entire wiki as a set of HTML pages. This might be useful if you want to share a readonly view of your pages with someone else or publish on a web server.

To export as HTML:

  1. Start Trunk Notes
  2. Tap the button bottom right to show the share menu
  3. Select Wi-Fi Sharing
  4. In a web browser on your computer type the address shown on the screen of your iPhone/iPad - e.g. (the :10000 is important)
  5. You should see a version of Trunk Notes appear in your web browser. Tap the Export HTML button (top right)
  6. After a short while (depending on the size of your wiki and speed of your iPhone/iPad) you'll be offered a ZIP file for download
  7. Unzip the file and you'll see a bunch of HTML files. Each file will have the page title with a unique ID following that.

There are some limitations to the HTML export:

  • Encrypted pages will just contain the text "This wiki entry is encrypted."
  • No images or other files are included in the export
  • Links to 'special' pages, such as lists of tags, won't necessarily work